Pig breeds used in bio-breeding

24.August 2021

In December 2020, fifty-three pig farms in the country were under the organic farming regime. Most of them are breeding black-footed pigs, which have been classified as genetic resources since 1992. The Hungarian curly-coated pig is a similarly hardy and undemanding breed, which is also growing in popularity with our breeders.

Pig sire breeds and synthetic lines

25.May 2021

In the Czech Republic, breeders work with sire breeds (currently represented, in particular, by White Sire, Duroc and Piétrain), including their synthetic lines (SL 34, SL 38, SL 48 and possibly SL 68) and pig dam breeds.

Dam Pig breeds bred in the Czech Republic

18.May 2021

Commercial pig breeders use both breeds that excel thanks to their reproduction parameters and breeds that pass on to their offspring good growth abilities, resilience and good meat quality. As a part of the hybridisation programme, the Pig Breeders Association and breeders work with dam breeds (Czech Improved White and Czech Landrace) and sire breeds.

Fattening pigs

07.August 2020

In order to assure that the pigs are in a good state of health, it is essential to feed them grain feed as a basis. Selection of these feeds is limited not only by the farmer’s potential, but also the chosen farming method. For example, the rules of ecological farming place emphasis on providing organically grown feed, as well as a diverse range of feed.

Raising Pigs Outdoors

07.August 2020

Pigs were gradually moved from outdoors into enclosed styes, which developed into sophisticated stye capacities utilising technologies not only for automated feeding and water supply systems, but also for controlling the stye environment, in commercial farms. Ecological farming trends have been popular for some time in Europe in relation to demand for healthy products from happy animals, and free-range pig farming is also experiencing a renaissance.

Keeping Pigs

26.April 2020

Man has kept pigs for many centuries. According to some sources, pigs began to be reared, mainly for meat, in the ninth century before Christ, when they were domesticated. Pigs were initially allowed to range free but were gradually placed in sties. How are pigs kept nowadays?