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We are involved in the the production of high quality food for livestock. Our factory and currently our headquarters in Marefách u Bučovic produces over 150 000 tonnes of feed mixes each year. Another factory in Běstovicích u Chocně produces the same volume which makes us one of the leading producers in the Czech and Slovak Republics. With 155 employees in the Czech Republic we belong to the successful De Heus family firm. which operates in many countries around the world. It is based in Ede-Wageninau in Holland where it is combined with a modern research laboratory. De Heus employs more than 5000 people fulfilling the concept of Powering progress with the following attributes: Quality, Results, Independent partner, Be better and Entrepreneurial.

Animals in good condition

The basic assumption for sucessful breeding is well conditioned animals based on a balanced  diet. The Energys hobby brand offers a rich selection of feeds which ensure, to a full extent, a healthy appearance and performance of all animals. The offering includes high quality granules for various animals regardless of their age. In our attempts to create the best feed we have achieved a great ratio of quality to price in relation to nutritional values, raw materials used and uses. In the area of quality and safety we have achieved certification which confirms the high professionality of the Energys hobby brand. You can be sure that feed mixes from us will bring your rabbits, chickens, sheep or guineapigs to excellent condition. Shiny fur, a healthier appearance, higher hatching and meat content will become the mark of your good breeding.

Exceptional qualty due to innovation and know-how

High quality food however can not be produced without constant development. We are known as a progessive company in the field with exceptional know-how based on international experience from specialised research. We introduce our own special modern technology and we carry out regular product monitoring (we can trace a  batch no. and its entire production process). We have received a number of certifications proving our quality and correct manufacturing processes from certification authorities. We can advise on animal feeding through trade specialists who follow the latest findings in this field. We set trends in wrapping design. The modern form and graphics on our wrappings underline the prestige of the brand and develop the aesthetic side of the product. You simply can not ignore Energys hobby products. 

Availabiity and professional approach

As an established firm we have a planned approach from purchasing raw materials to actual production and on to logistics. Thanks to a perfect network of distributors our products are easily available across the Czech and Slovak Republics not only to companies but also to small breeders in the countryside. The carefully built network is based on professional and fair relationships with distributors. We have the same approach to our customers to whom we offer a high class consultancy service from experienced specialists.

The Energys hobby brand represents products for the 21st century and brings breeders high quality. Innovation, easy accessibility and professionality. 

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Expert consultancy service

First class quality feeds

Easy accesibility

Innovation and modern technology

A truly extensive offering

Guaranteed expertise

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Proud partners

We are proud partners of the Czech, Hungarian and Slovak Union of Small Animal Breeders.

Czech Union of Small Animal Breeders

Hungarian Union of Small Animal Breeders

Slovak Union of Small Animal Breeders


Mr Buček has been breeding rabbits to a high level for many decades. In order to win at shows he has to give his New Zealand whites more energy in their feed. " I regularly use the Rabbit Classic product which gives my rabbits an adequate amount of energy." ,says Mr Buček and he adds: " All the other breeders in our organisation feed with these granules and they are very satisfied with them.

"I don't have to worry about illness and look for different medicines." says Mr Čadil a breeder. This is a critical theme for many breeders which the De heus company reflects in its offering. The experience of Mr Čadil with feeds from De Heus proves that it is not necessary for instance to add additional coccidiostatics to water or the mixes. Granules from De Heus already contain the appropriate coccidiostatics.

Breeders from among our clients are loyal to De Heus products. " I am very satisfied and I don't want to change anything. Previously I tried feeding with products from other producers but it was very dusty." Experienced breeder, Mr Andrš, confirms how important low dust levels and good feed structure are for him and other breeders. These are exactly the characteristics which De Heus products have.

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