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Broiler Midi Forte

A granulated feed mix for the intensive fattening of broilers from 15 days of age to a minimum of 5 days before ending feeding up. The Coccidiostat included lowers mortality during fattening. For the next phase of fattening Broiler MAXI is a suitable mix.

High growth and high meat content

A balanced ratio of nutrients

Contains cereals

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Most frequent illnesses in domestic Rabbits

Rabbit breeding is still troubled by illness. Despite advances in science and research, despite the availability of information, improvements in feed produced and breeders’ practices, there are more and more health problems for breeders. The medical condition of rabbits is a factor limiting the prosperity and continued existence of a breeding colony.

Pig sire breeds and synthetic lines

In the Czech Republic, breeders work with sire breeds (currently represented, in particular, by White Sire, Duroc and Piétrain), including their synthetic lines (SL 34, SL 38, SL 48 and possibly SL 68) and pig dam breeds.

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Animals which are bred under domestic conditions for their own needs and pleasure need all the important nutrients which guarantee their correct development and condition. The Energys hobby brand is manufacturer of first class feed for laying hens, rabbits, sheep and other farm animals. We take adventages of international De Heus Group,research centres and exceptional experiences. Our expertise guarantees high quality and safe products, expert consultation and the professional vendor access.

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De Heus Animal Nutrition produces over 5 million tonnes of feed mixes annually, which are exported to more than 60 countries around the world. We are proud of our membership in this important group. For us it means access to modern technologies and the latest knowlege in the field of animal nutrition. We draw from internal know-how supported by research in specialised laboratories. We then use all our findings and technology to improve our products to the satifaction of thousands of our customers.

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