Laying hens


19.February 2024

The popularity of raising chickens in household conditions has been rising in recent years. This trend may be due to several factors, one of these surely being the search of high-quality foods, a more sustainable lifestyle and desire for greater independence. Breeding chickens at home also allows owners to control the animals’ living conditions and quality of feed they provide. For some people, it is important to know what their animals eat, and they prefer foods produced under their own supervision. In this article, we will focus on hens, eggs laying and egg quality.

Breeds of hens

26.October 2022

Chickens are the most numerous bird species ever, with 26 billion breeding representatives. Unsurprisingly, they are divided into several groups according to different aspects. Which division is the most common, and which breeds of hens should you definitely be familiar with?

From the life of a hen or how long a hen lives

03.October 2022

When keeping chickens, one may wonder how long a hen actually lives. There is no clear answer to this question. It always depends on several factors - some you can influence, some unfortunately you cannot. How can you contribute to the long life of your hens and how does the life of a fowl work?

How to deal with bumblebees in hens

17.June 2022

The health of your hens is one of the most important things you should look after in your breeding. If a flock is lacking something or has a health problem, it will show up in a drop in laying or a change in behaviour. One such situation is an infestation of bumblebees. How do you identify and banish this parasite from the lives of your feathered friends?

What breeds of hens are suitable for beginners?

06.May 2022

Chickens are the most numerous bird species in the world, so it's no wonder you're stumped on the ideal breed for your backyard. Because everyone needs something a little different - and sometimes, unfortunately, that's just what a beginner is unable to give his hens if he makes the wrong choice. So how do you make the right and responsible choice?

Do your chickens have mites or lice?

25.April 2022

Believe it or not, every hen keeper will at least once go through that state of despair when they discover a louse or mite on their hen. If this unfortunate event has happened to you, you need not despair. How do you deal with unwelcome guests or, better still, how do you not let them into your hen house?

Broodiness and stopping broodiness

08.March 2021 Published: MVDr. Miloslav Martinec, Ph.D

Brooding is a natural reproductive process of a layer’s organism, which is intended for producing the next generation, which is also why the hen actually lays eggs. All this is controlled by hormones and this is affected by many factors. Broody hens do not lay and broodiness (which may last for several weeks) means a loss of several tens of eggs for the breeder.

Keeping chickens

27.November 2020 Published: Barlik Dusan In memoriam

People who have at least the minimum conditions for it, are now deciding to contribute to a healthier diet by producing their own plant and even animal products. Home-produced eggs are the most frequent animal products produced at home. This raises the question: How to do it?

Hens aren’t laying?

30.September 2020

Many factors affect egg production - laying by hens - internal (e.g. genetics, the health of the hen or its age), and also external (e.g. feed, temperature of the environment, amount of daylight). Some factors we are able to influence and we will then complain a little less that our hens are not laying.

Loose or granulated fodder for egg laying hens?

17.December 2018

Feeding mixtures with various structures are available on the market, each with its own advantages. We will explain these to you in the following text and it will be up to you to decide whether granulated or loose form will suit you better.