Restriction of rabbit feeding

07.July 2022

Nutrition is a very important influence on performance and subsequent meat quality. In terms of rabbit nutrition, feed restriction is a frequently used manipulation. By restriction we mean a feeding technique in which the feed ration is restricted in some way. A distinction is made between qualitative and quantitative restriction.

Rabbit Coccidiosis

25.May 2022

One of the most common and widespread parasitic diseases of rabbits worldwide is coccidiosis, which is encountered by most breeders in their lifetime and often has high negative economic impacts. It is most commonly found in intensive farms but can also occur in very well cared for rabbits or in wild rabbits.

Most frequent illnesses in domestic Rabbits

01.June 2021

Rabbit breeding is still troubled by illness. Despite advances in science and research, despite the availability of information, improvements in feed produced and breeders’ practices, there are more and more health problems for breeders. The medical condition of rabbits is a factor limiting the prosperity and continued existence of a breeding colony.

How to recognise a Rabbit´s sex

24.May 2021

Determining the sex of a rabbit is a standard breeding procedure that every breeder should be able to perform perfectly. Whereas in the case of young the correct recognition of sex can cause trouble for beginners, in the case of adult rabbits it is straight-forward.

How Do I Know That a Rabbit is Sick?

13.August 2020

Health status is a fundamental indicator that primarily affects other (reproductive, production, exhibition, sports) indicators in rabbits. The primary endeavor of each breeder should always be to maintain good health, be it breeding for meat production or just breeding - for exhibition and competition purposes. All rabbit care in the short and long term should aim for this.

Requirements For Breeding Rabbits

10.August 2020

Basic breeding equipment and devices are necessary for the successful breeding of rabbits of any category. Specific needs correspond to the purposes of breeding, e.g. for exhibitions, meat production, pet breeding, etc. Breeding needs can be divided into those related to the housing of rabbits and those related to the technology of their feeding. The most common needs include the following. The spectrum is always dependent on the owner's experience and possibilities.