Raising ducks

09.October 2020 Published: Barlík Dušan

We can divide people who raise ducks into two types. One type purchases three-day old ducklings every year and raises them until they are ready for slaughter. The second type is professionally engaged in raising ducks, not only for producing meat, but also for their ornamental qualities, which some breeds are distinguished by, and devotes time to breeding them according to the standard.


11.August 2020

From the viewpoint of zoological taxonomy, turkeys are in the class birds (Aves), the order Galliformes, the family Phasianidae and the genus Meleagris.

Landes Goose

11.August 2020

They have been bred since time immemorial in southern France. It is a rangy, medium-weight, fast-growing goose with a peaceful temperament, hardy constitution and compact, strongly-built body carried slightly at an angle, suitable for feeding up for fatty meat. It is reared in grey-brown (wild) and white colourings.

Fattening broilers

26.April 2020 Published: Energys hobby team

Spring is the period when chickens start to be fattened in domestic conditions. For the purposes of meat production, it is best to use specially-bred hybrid meat breeds that have the genetic properties of fast growth and high muscle mass. These breeds are called broiler chickens or broilers.

Feeding turkeys

17.December 2018

If you are new to breeding turkeys, be sure to read the following text, which summarizes what you should watch out for when fattening these animals.

Fattening of ducks and geese – water poultry

14.December 2018

When feeding and fattening ducks and geese, it is important to be aware of the differences between the main nutritional requirements. Experienced breeders are familiar at least with the basic differences between geese, ducks and Muscovy ducks.