Ostrich Uni

A supplementary feeding mix for ostrich breeds in the non hatching period. Cereals and bulky feeds are added to the mix. This feed totally covers the need for vitamins and minerals.

An excellent state of health

A balanced ratio of nutrients

Contains cereals

Informative price: / 25kg

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Product Description

Analytical components:

Crude protein 12.00 %, Crude fat 2.70 %, Crude fibre 10.00 %, Crude ash 7.10 %, Lysine 0.46 %, Methionine 0.25 %, Calcium 1.10 %, Phosphorus 0.91 %, Sodium 0.33 %

Aditives (per kg):

1g568 Klinoptilolit sedimentary origin 84.00 mg/kg, 3a672a Vitamin A 12000.00 IE/kg, 3a671 Vitamin D3 3700.00 IE/kg, 3a700 Vitamin E/all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate 30.00 mg/kg, E4 Cupric sulphate, pentahydrate, Cupper-Cu 22.00 mg/kg, 3b605 Zinc sulphate, monohydrate, Zinc-Zn 104.00 mg/kg, 3b502 Manganous oxide, Manganese-Mn 89.00 mg/kg, 3b103 Ferrous sulphate, monohydrate, Iron-Fe 59.00 mg/kg, E8 Sodium selenite, Selenium-Se 0.40 mg/kg, 3b202 Calcium iodate, anhydrous, Iodine-I 1.00 mg/kg, 4a19 6-phytase EC 250.00 FTU/kg

Form: granules - 4,0 mm