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Births and rearing rabbits, suitable form of feed for laying hens; these are topics of interest to you. Whether you breed animals for pleasure or economic benefit, we always offer useful and practical information. We carefully select the topics related to proper husbandry and care. We will be happy to share with you new insights, interesting cases and professional recommendations. You can filter posts by category.

Requirements For Breeding Rabbits

10.August 2020

Basic breeding equipment and devices are necessary for the successful breeding of rabbits of any category. Specific needs correspond to the purposes of breeding, e.g. for exhibitions, meat production, pet breeding, etc. Breeding needs can be divided into those related to the housing of rabbits and those related to the technology of their feeding. The most common needs include the following. The spectrum is always dependent on the owner's experience and possibilities.

Fattening pigs

07.August 2020

In order to assure that the pigs are in a good state of health, it is essential to feed them grain feed as a basis. Selection of these feeds is limited not only by the farmer’s potential, but also the chosen farming method. For example, the rules of ecological farming place emphasis on providing organically grown feed, as well as a diverse range of feed.

Raising Pigs Outdoors

07.August 2020

Pigs were gradually moved from outdoors into enclosed styes, which developed into sophisticated stye capacities utilising technologies not only for automated feeding and water supply systems, but also for controlling the stye environment, in commercial farms. Ecological farming trends have been popular for some time in Europe in relation to demand for healthy products from happy animals, and free-range pig farming is also experiencing a renaissance.


06.August 2020

Due to the growing human population and the shortage of sources of protein, goats, as undemanding but highly productive animals, will become increasingly important to man, who they have served for thousands of years. What to feed goats and how to take care of them?


04.August 2020

Dairy breeds (White and Brown short-haired, Anglo-Nubian, Alpine and Saanen), meat breeds (Boer), combined breeds (Valais), fibre-producing breeds (Cashmere, Angora) and dwarf breeds (Dwarf Dutch) are all kept in the Czech Republic due to their range of use.

Problems with fertilization, breeding and conception of rabbits

18.July 2020

One of the most common problems in raising rabbits is the breeding and conception of rabbits. If you do not want to have problems with infertility, breeding or conception, it is good to check and possibly adjust the amount of feed and the environment in which the females live.

Farming Practice

29.June 2020

The African ostrich was domesticated during the second half of the previous century in South Africa. Domesticated ostriches have been reared on Czech farms for their meat, leather and feathers since 1993. How egg laying and hatching take place? And what are the most frequent issues affecting ostriches?

Breeding and Fattening Ostriches

26.June 2020

Just twenty five years ago no one would have believed that there would be ostrich farms in this country. Which species of large flightless bird are suitable for farming and what should you feed them?

The Most Common Diseases of Rabbits and Their Prevention

10.June 2020

Although there may be only a few diseases affecting rabbits (compared to dogs and cats), it goes without saying that the aim is to maintain good health. Infectious diseases are those caused by germs (viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi) and spread among animals.

How Long Does a Rabbit Live?

24.May 2020

The rabbit belongs to social animals with a medium-term lifespan. This aspect should be taken into account when purchasing the rabbit as a pet animal.