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Fattening of ducks and geese – water poultry

14.December 2018

When feeding and fattening ducks and geese, it is important to be aware of the differences between the main nutritional requirements. Experienced breeders are familiar at least with the basic differences between geese, ducks and Muscovy ducks.

How to feed quails

13.December 2018

Over the last decade, Japanese quail has become the poultry type with the greatest increase in its numbers in small farming operations. This may be due to the increasing popularity of quail eggs produced in limited spaces, fast development before the start of egg laying and relatively modest nutritional demands.

Hygiene, feeding and water during the year

25.October 2018

The feeding and watering technology needs to be protected against adverse weather conditions throughout the year. Poor care for the technology may lead to health problems and/or reduced effectiveness of rabbit breeding.

Pressure sores on rabbit's legs - an endless problem?

14.October 2018

The contact surface on rabbits' feet in hairy, which is rather unusual among mammals. Cases of the so-called pressure sores occurring on rabbits' feet have been documented by breeders, especially those who breed rabbits for competitions. Pressure sores may disturb the animals' movement and when left untreated may pose major health problems.


14.October 2018

Enterocolitis in rabbits is a disease detected for the first time in West France around 1996. The disease spread rapidly to other European countries during 1997 and 1998. Currently, it is present in 90-95% of farmed rabbit populations in various intensity of the manifested clinical symptoms.

Summer and rabbits - how to eliminate heat stress?

14.June 2018

This year, we are experiencing several very hot days. High temperatures have a negative effect on our rabbits, as they suffer thermal stress. There are several recommendations for eliminating this adverse effect and keeping animals in a good state of health.