Why Energyshobby

Expert consultancy service

The field of livestock feeding requires expert knowledge which exceeds the possibilities of a normal breeder. Our specialists with more than 5 years of experience from practice come to help and consult. They provide interested parties with consultation in accordance with the latest findings in the area of feeding livestock.

First class quality feeds

We set strict criteria immediately at the point of checking of raw materials. We also further apply demanding criteria in the manufacturing process. The final products such as feeding mixes and granules then show a high level of convertibility and usability. Feed from Energys hobby ensures animals have shiny fur, a healthier appearance and an overall excellent condition.

Easy accesibility

Energys hobby clients value the wide availability of the feed mixes in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The easy availability is the result of the longterm building of a network of distributors and retailers. Our partners are professionals on whom you can rely thanks to fair dealing.

Innovation and modern technology

We place emphasis on continual research in our own laboratories and the related innovation of recipes when producing feed. We use international experience in the field of feeds and manufacturing processes. Each year we invest a significant amount into new solutions, which bring greater controls, higher effectivity and a better ratio of quality versus price.

A truly extensive offering

Feeding mixes, granules for rabbits and sheep, feed for chickens and quail. Energys hobby offers this and more for livestock from young to mature animals. A varied range of feeds and concentrates developed for a healthy appearance and a good performance of cattle, chickens, turkeys,rabbits, ducks amd other animals.

Guaranteed expertise

 High quality and product safety are a given for us.  We achieve his quality thanks to certification of products and specialists creating balanced recipes. Over the years we have achieved many certificates which confirm our high professionality and expertise.