Visit to Mr Buček, a breeder.

22.May 2018

Mr Buček has been breeding rabbits to a high level for many decades. In order to win at shows he has to give his New Zealand whites more energy in their feed. " I regularly use the Rabbit Classic product which gives my rabbits an adequate amount of energy." ,says Mr Buček and he adds: " All the other breeders in our organisation feed with these granules and they are very satisfied with them.


22.May 2018

"I don't have to worry about illness and look for different medicines." says Mr Čadil a breeder. This is a critical theme for many breeders which the De heus company reflects in its offering. The experience of Mr Čadil with feeds from De Heus proves that it is not necessary for instance to add additional coccidiostatics to water or the mixes. Granules from De Heus already contain the appropriate coccidiostatics.

A visit to Mr Andrše

22.May 2018

Breeders from among our clients are loyal to De Heus products. " I am very satisfied and I don't want to change anything. Previously I tried feeding with products from other producers but it was very dusty." Experienced breeder, Mr Andrš, confirms how important low dust levels and good feed structure are for him and other breeders. These are exactly the characteristics which De Heus products have.