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Births and rearing rabbits, suitable form of feed for laying hens; these are topics of interest to you. Whether you breed animals for pleasure or economic benefit, we always offer useful and practical information. We carefully select the topics related to proper husbandry and care. We will be happy to share with you new insights, interesting cases and professional recommendations. You can filter posts by category.

Do your chickens have mites or lice?

25.April 2022

Believe it or not, every hen keeper will at least once go through that state of despair when they discover a louse or mite on their hen. If this unfortunate event has happened to you, you need not despair. How do you deal with unwelcome guests or, better still, how do you not let them into your hen house?

Ostrich farming

06.April 2022

The farming of the double-fingered ostrich for the production of feathers, skin meat and eggs began in the mid-19th century in africa. Commercial breeding of the largest flightless bird on the planet began in the 1990s.

Raising of quail

12.January 2022

For non-traditional poultry species, there are very few manuals that address their rearing and fattening. We have therefore prepared basic information on quail rearing.

Breeding of non-traditional poultry species - Barbary and Mallard

09.December 2021

While there are technological procedures for the rearing and fattening of common species and utility types of poultry, there are only few instructions for the so-called non-traditional poultry species, but also for runners with potential for commercial use. In this article you will find basic information on the breeding of Barbary and Mallard ducks.

Pig breeds used in bio-breeding

24.August 2021

In December 2020, fifty-three pig farms in the country were under the organic farming regime. Most of them are breeding black-footed pigs, which have been classified as genetic resources since 1992. The Hungarian curly-coated pig is a similarly hardy and undemanding breed, which is also growing in popularity with our breeders.

Most frequent illnesses in domestic Rabbits

01.June 2021

Rabbit breeding is still troubled by illness. Despite advances in science and research, despite the availability of information, improvements in feed produced and breeders’ practices, there are more and more health problems for breeders. The medical condition of rabbits is a factor limiting the prosperity and continued existence of a breeding colony.

Pig sire breeds and synthetic lines

25.May 2021

In the Czech Republic, breeders work with sire breeds (currently represented, in particular, by White Sire, Duroc and Piétrain), including their synthetic lines (SL 34, SL 38, SL 48 and possibly SL 68) and pig dam breeds.

How to recognise a Rabbit´s sex

24.May 2021

Determining the sex of a rabbit is a standard breeding procedure that every breeder should be able to perform perfectly. Whereas in the case of young the correct recognition of sex can cause trouble for beginners, in the case of adult rabbits it is straight-forward.

Dam Pig breeds bred in the Czech Republic

18.May 2021

Commercial pig breeders use both breeds that excel thanks to their reproduction parameters and breeds that pass on to their offspring good growth abilities, resilience and good meat quality. As a part of the hybridisation programme, the Pig Breeders Association and breeders work with dam breeds (Czech Improved White and Czech Landrace) and sire breeds.