Requirements For Breeding Rabbits

10.August 2020

Basic breeding equipment and devices are necessary for the successful breeding of rabbits of any category. Specific needs correspond to the purposes of breeding, e.g. for exhibitions, meat production, pet breeding, etc. Breeding needs can be divided into those related to the housing of rabbits and those related to the technology of their feeding. The most common needs include the following. The spectrum is always dependent on the owner's experience and possibilities.

Problems with fertilization, breeding and conception of rabbits

18.July 2020

One of the most common problems in raising rabbits is the breeding and conception of rabbits. If you do not want to have problems with infertility, breeding or conception, it is good to check and possibly adjust the amount of feed and the environment in which the females live.

The Most Common Diseases of Rabbits and Their Prevention

10.June 2020

Although there may be only a few diseases affecting rabbits (compared to dogs and cats), it goes without saying that the aim is to maintain good health. Infectious diseases are those caused by germs (viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi) and spread among animals.

How Long Does a Rabbit Live?

24.May 2020

The rabbit belongs to social animals with a medium-term lifespan. This aspect should be taken into account when purchasing the rabbit as a pet animal.

How to take care of a rabbit

07.May 2020

Each pet requires care that meets their demands. This involves a complex of regularly recurring practices and breeding care. Proper care in housing, feeding and providing water and handling can prevent a significant proportion of illnesses, as the good health of the rabbit is ensured. The following are the most important techniques in rabbit breeding.

How to Domesticate a Rabbit

27.April 2020

A frequent topic, and indeed a standard requirement of budding pet rabbit breeders, is the suitability and ability of domesticating a new rabbit companion. Faculties for “friendliness” are partly innate and partly influenced by the external environment. When domesticating a rabbit, it is necessary to follow the recommended guidelines, as the stage of socialization at an early age has a significant influence on the behavior of the rabbit in adulthood.

Do You Have the Right Conditions for Rabbits?

18.April 2020

Achieving optimum fitness is the goal of all breeding practices and care for pets. By condition we mean the actual preparedness of an animal for a particular purpose conditioned by many external and internal factors. In particular, the level of nutrition and care, as well as the health condition of the individual, are inseparably linked to the level of fitness.

How to Choose Rabbit Feed

08.April 2020

The Energys hobby range of feed for rabbits meets the needs of breeders and the animals themselves. Their composition accentuates the fattening phase or breeding purpose. The product range also includes granules with a coccidiostat. What feed to choose?

Breeding of Rabbits - Breeds and Their Expansion in the Czech Republic

06.February 2020

The breed gene pool of domestic rabbits in the Czech Republic is represented by purebred breeds of rabbits and their hybrids. Their expansion is dependent on the breeding direction. At present, the domestic breeding of rabbits is divided into 5 basic directions - traditional (unorganized) small stud, organized small stud, farm breeding, laboratory breeding and so-called classic "pet" breeding.

Preparation of rabbits for the exhibition season

17.December 2018

If you want your rabbit to perform its best at an exhibition, it must have an optimal condition, weight and perfect supple and shiny fur. Only then the animal can show its beauty conditioned by the genetic makeup in a range of external signs including color and texture. "Perfect" nutrition is one of the core measures.